Sunday, June 10, 2018

Inside the Wolf

Come into the woods

Meet Red Riding Hood. Meet witches, ghosts, beasts, painters, muses and mermaids in a poetry collection about art, motherhood, and voice. 

Watch out for the wolf

My collection of poetry, is available from today from Amazon. Many thanks to John MacKenna, and Nuala O Connor, who took the time to read the book and say good things.....

‘In these clever, concise poems, Niamh Boyce resurrects the ancestors who gifted her a legacy of words and their ghostly presences shimmer through the work. Boyce has the artist’s peeled eye: she dissects fairy tales and reassembles them with colour, menace and wit. Her imagery is visceral, and she is as comfortable making the reader laugh as moving the heart. These are honest poems, open to beauty and to examining women’s complex negotiations with the world. *Inside the Wolf* is a diverse and vivid collection, a fierce celebration of words and women.’ 

Nuala O’Connor, author of ‘Miss Emily.’

‘From the moment when the skeletons are pulled from the closet to the moment when the forest is riddled with monsters, these poems are, as Niamh Boyce writes, "mothers calling their children for supper." They are spells woven, like the witch-spells about which she writes, to draw us in, to show us the possibilities and the darknesses of the human condition. But, most of all, it is the ghosts of people like Agnes Richter, Frida Kahlo, Katharina Detzel and Kitty who "tiptoe in like children who ought to be sleeping" who will long remain with me, their lives reimagined in these marvelous poems.’

John MacKenna, author of ‘Once We Sang Like Other Men.’

Available on Amazon - click Here

For an interview with multi-award winning writer Catherine Dunne discussing Inside the Wolf,  poetry, skeletons, ancestors, bones, art & witches - click Here


Grace Wells said...

The most exciting and exhilarating book of poems I've read in a long time. Huge achievement Niamh. x

Words A Day said...

Thank you Grace, that's lovely to hear - especially from you.