Thursday, July 18, 2013

WomenRuleWriter Interview

I'm over at Nuala Ni Chonchúir's WomenRuleWriter Blog in Galway today.

Nuala is an award winning novelist, short story writer and poet.  Here's The Irish Times on her latest short story collection Mother America - Ní Chonchúir’s precisely made but deliciously sensual stories mark her as a carrier of Edna O’Brien’s flame.’ 

One of Nuala's questions was Who are the women writers who make you think yes! and why? You can read my answer, and the full interview here

 Next week I'll be in the UK for my last interview chatting to Jennifer aka Old Kitty.



It was a pleasure to have you over, Niamh.

I am laughing at the photo of me - it must be 8 years old. How young and unhaggard I look!!

Rachel Fenton said...

You always look stunning, Nuala! Artists must be queueing up to paint you!

Niamh, I'm thrilled for you and hope your book wins you lots of accolades.

Thanks to both of you for a smashing interview!

Words A Day said...

thanks Nuala & Rachel:)

Words A Day said...

Congratulations Rachel for your Flash Frontier Winter Award - I've been trying to congratulate you on your blog but the word verification isnt working:)Delighted for you!

Rachel Fenton said...

Oh, Niamh, sorry my blogs given you the faff around - how lovely and generous of you to congratulate me! Enjoy YOUR success x