Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MacManus Short Stories

A me, me post !
The stories shortlisted for RTE Radio Ones 2011 Francis MacManus Awards are now available to listen to HERE. (They last approx ten minutes. My story's called The Everyday Woman...)


Orla Fay said...

cool, great sceal!

Lydia said...

How cool! After I do some work in the backyard I may just treat myself to what is at the end of the link.

Congratulations, oh creative one. :)

(I will not read your Mag below, just in case I find myself stirred to try that particular Magpie. Note to self: read it later....)

Brigid said...

Congrats Niamh.
I'm off to sit on my sofa with some chocolate kimberleys to listen to it.

Old Kitty said...


Unfortunately I had the same problem with trying to listen to Brigid's story last year. For some reason - no matter if I save the file or just open the file via my windows media software I get error messages everywhere! "cannot play etc etc". :-(

I tried everything!! Oh but I just know your story is wonderful cos you write mesmerising stuff! Take care x

Niamh B said...

just listened to your story there, it's brilliant, really enjoyed it, tks for the link


Congras and thanks for the link. I'll listen in.

120 Socks said...

Thanks Niamh - will deffo listen in - looking forward to it!