Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gothic Horror Writing Competition

There's still time to enter this, as they have extended the deadline.

"The scope of the theme field is just about limitless…..ghosts, vampires, banshees, death, blood, haunted houses, spooky graveyards, creepy bell towers, gruesome dungeons, horror castles, scary blood curdling noises, eerie nightmares, macabre happenings….all can be real or imagined!

All entries must be in English and the theme must be gothic/horror with a maximum of 2000 words.

Entries can be in the form of a prose piece, a short story, a poem, a play (drama) or even a song or ballad.

Entries must be typed on A4 size paper (on one side only) with a one inch margin. Your entry must be your own unpublished work and must not have won a prize in a previous competition. You may enter more than once if you wish, but entries cannot be returned.

There is a €10 entry fee per entry – no cash in the post, just cheques or money orders made out to The Stoker Dracula Organisation. Entries from under 16’s must be signed by a parent/guardian/teacher/community leader. First Prize €500 and ''The Bram'' 2nd Prize €753rd Prize €50Entries will be Judged by Trinity College School of EnglishGothic Section

Closing date for entries is 15th October 2010.

All entries/correspondence to:The Director/C.E.O.The Stoker Dracula Organisation32 Howth Road ClontarfDublin 3 Ireland"


Peter Goulding said...

They started ofF with a €20 entrance fee and have now brought it down to €10. Personally I think that's still pretty hefty for a poem...

Old Kitty said...

Thanks for the info! I love that entry submissions are done the old fashioned postal way! With cheques included!! Cheques!!

take care

Words A Day said...

You're right - It is hefty for a poem, I would have thought that would get you three poems or one story. I still can't come up with anything gothic enough!

Old Kitty
I know, of to the post office for stamps...back to kissing an envelopes goodbye!

Clarissa Draper said...

That sounded like a cool competition. But, I came over to thank you for your kind words on my blog.