Friday, February 25, 2011

A Stylish Blog Award

I've been given A Stylish Blogger Award!

Seven Things about myself:

I've edited the opening chapters of my novel so many times I can't see the wood for the trees so, like turning a painting upside down to see it afresh, I'm editing from the bottom (last page) up. So far, its working! I'm going to bite the bullet and say that the final draft will be done, dusted and posted to someone in the publishing world by March 31st! (2011, that is!)

I've a cows lick of Alfalfa proportions - my arch nemesis is Betty Pages fringe...

I'm reading "Living Daylights" by Jennifer Copley (Happenstance), it's wonderful...and about living with the can read a sample from the sequence here

I'm forty this summer and in need of a Bucket List...any suggestions?

I'm grateful no one can ever, ever make me wear those white tight patterned school socks I spent over a decade sporting, the red imprint they left all over my legs is still vivid. ( in my memory, not on my legs...)

Today, between editing and dish washing, I'd a good old bop to The Ramones. A Highly Recommended, Cheap and Relatively Safe Kitchen Activity. (Might start a list of those!)

I love Bette Davis. She was my role model when I was younger and should've been emulating someone with a halo...unfortunately this tendency has proved hereditary....

Thanks to Ann & Mary for the Award!
I would like to pass the award onto 120 Socks!


Old Kitty said...

Cow's licks are fabulous!!! Yay for yours!!! They are so NOW!!!!

Congratulations with your fab award!!! Yay!!!

I've just caught up on the BBC site - record voter turnout apparently. GOOD LUCK Ireland!! Take care

Ann said...

A cows lick, you too! So Funny. I am not even going to express my thoughts about the voting issue. I was glad to see that the turn out was strong though. I will be waiting anxiously to hear the outcome.

You are very Stylish by the way!

Brigid said...

Of course you are a stylish blogger.
I am so excited your novel is ready to launch, everything crossed for you.
I love those Hollywood women, spiky and witty with killer lines.

I love a bit of kitchen dancing myself.

Máire T. Robinson said...

As rolemodels go, Bette Davis is a pretty cool choice. And so exciting that you're almost at the final draft of your novel! I look forward to attending your launch party soon and drinking all your free wine.