Sunday, April 7, 2019

Publication Week News

Greetings from Rescue Remedy Season, also known as publication week :) 

Amazing news... 
Her Kind was shortlisted by the Irish jury for the EU Prize for LiteratureIt was nominated with Jan Carson’s The Fire Starters, Catholic Boy by Rosemary Jenkinson, The Watch House by Bernie McGill. 

Review... I was thrilled to read Anna Carey's review in the Irish Times. You spend years, in this case five, working alone on a book, putting your heart into it - sending it out in the world can be a pretty terrifying experience. So it was wonderful to read ... '14th century Kilkenny is so evocative and atmospheric the reader can almost taste the honeycombs in Petronelle’s carefully tended hives and feel the heavy animal pelts that line Alice’s secret chamber...' the full review can be read Here.
Irish Times Interview....
I was interviewed by Rosita Boland in Athy last week - 'historically, it was always women who were deemed to be witches, and considered to be dangerous personages, especially when they showed any evidence of independence ... the full interview can be read Here
The Irish Times
Thank you readers, and future readers, booksellers and fellow writers, journalists and reviewers - if you didn't love books, the world would be an arid, lonely place. 


Jan Morrison said...

Wonderful news! It sounds a great read.

Words A Day said...

Thanks so much Jan, it's great to hear from you!