Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Battle of the Books!

I'm very excited to be judging this new competition from the organiser's of the infamously fabulous Swift Festival! The Battle of the Books is a new international writing competition (open to poetry and prose) and is organised by the Swift Festival in Trim, Co Meath, Ireland. And, unusually, previously published work is accepted! The deadline is July 1st, so get sending!

Theme:Travel is the theme of the competition, but the interpretation of ‘travel’ will be very wide indeed... In other words, anything goes – as long as it has some mention/whiff/suggestion of travel. It can be pure fiction or memoir or any other genre of writing. Humour is not essential but it certainly won’t do an entry any harm. Entertainment is highly desirable.’

Deadline: Tuesday 1st July, 2014.
Poems: minimum 40 lines, maximum 60 lines.
Prose: minimum 800 words, maximum 1,000 words.
Entry fee: €5 per entry or €10 for three entries.
Prize: €500

For further details and to enter - click the Festival Website *HERE*

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