Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Reading and Q& A in 'The Maynooth Bookshop'

I'm really looking forward to visiting Maynooth, Co Kildare this Thursday evening to read from Her Kind, answer questions about the novel, the Kilkenny witchcraft trials, or whatever comes up :) The bookshop has even recreated the scene from Her Kind's cover in their window display! Everyone is more than welcome.

The Maynooth Bookshop


'Atmospheric, magical thriller' 

Hilary A White reviewed Her Kind in the Sunday Independent, and completely made my week...

'There is something bizarrely accomplished about how Boyce delicately unfolds this atmospheric, magical thriller with pace and juice, while also making sure that the sentiments (vilification of women, policing of female biology, etc) echo through time.
In doing so, Her Kind feels like a reliable classic you'd find in the type of local library Boyce worked in, not the work of a second time novelist.'
...you can read the full review HERE

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