Saturday, November 15, 2014

Writing the balance

A submission opportunity for female writers - This information is from writer Paul Mc Veighs Blog - 'In the last few months we've published some brilliant books, including Katy Brand's first novel Brenda Monk is Funny, Julie Burchill's Unchosen and Salena Godden's memoir Springfield Road. But of all the books we've published to date, just one third come from female authors. We know we're not alone in this and research has shown this gender imbalance is widespread across the publishing industry:

Women are over 50 per cent less likely to submit their work for publication than men, according to a survey by Mslexia. The VIDA count cites major journals and literary magazines where women make up a quarter or less of the writers published. The Guardian reports fewer female authors reviewed in Britain's major books sections. That's why we've launched Women in Print - to publish interesting, challenging female authors in larger numbers than before.

This month we're launching four exciting new projects from female authors and there's more to come so stay tuned for updates. At Unbound you choose which books get written - discover our latest authors and decide which ones you want to see in print. As part of Women in Print we're looking for bold new ideas for fiction and non-fiction books. If you're a woman with a manuscript (or a book idea) we want to hear from you. Throughout November we'll be gathering new submissions from female authors and the best three will appear on our site in the New Year. Submit an idea, pledge your support and spread the word.

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