Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Three Question Blog Tour: Stop Two

Alison Wells

Delighted to be over answering questions at Alison Wells Blog Head Above Water today. I met Alison in 2009 when we were both shortlisted for the Hennessy Award for fiction. She asked three questions about the writing of the novel. You can read my interview with Alison Here

I'm still reeling from the book launch in my wonderful home town of Athy. The novel sold out in a matter of minutes and the Library was packed to capacity. I'm overwhelmed by the support - and will post in more detail about it when I've recovered! A big thanks in the meantime to everyone who came :)


Mary O'Regan said...

Dear Niamh, Congratulations on your book and on a great interview - I really liked how you let the voices of the characters tell their own stories.

I have included your blog on my blog list,

I'm late in asking to join the Blog Tour, but if you would like to do a small interview about The Herbalist for my blog, let me know and we can decide on a few questions, particularly on how the novel puts an older Ireland in perspective.

Warmest Wishes


Words A Day said...

thanks Mary for your comment, really appreciate it:) The blog tour posts have been done in advance so I cant cram any more in, but would b happy to talk to you in sept perhaps, looking forward to checking out our blog.