Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Herbalist - The Blog Tour

I'll be taking this show on the virtual road for a series of mini- interviews this June. These guys are all brilliant multi genre writers as well as bloggers, so it should be a very interesting trip -

6 th June

June Caldwell of the Irish Writers Centre     

13th June
Alison Wells at Head Above Water

20th June
Kate Dempsey at Emerging Writer

There'll be more stops in July but I'll keep them a surprise, for now....oh the suspense :)


sukipoet said...

your book doesnt seem to be listed on Amazon USA

Words A Day said...

Hi Suki - I think its here? :)

Jan Morrison said...

I've ordered your book and cannot wait for it to be sent! Yay! Everything about it seems just what I enjoy. I'd gladly host you on my site but I haven't been pumping it up much lately! If you are looking for a few Canadian or American places to shout out about the book I will happily scout around with my bunch??

Words A Day said...

thankyou Jan - sorry for taking so long to comment, delighted you'll be reading The Herbalist!