Saturday, September 3, 2011

wonderfully executed...

'The Secret Life of Madame Defarge' is a stunning story
by writer (and new blogger) Orlaith Foyle, so for a real treat,
put on the kettle and click here.


mel u said...

You are right -this is simply an amazing short story-in execution and conception

Words A Day said...

Mel u
So bloody, yet so delicious:)

Órfhlaith Foyle said...

Thank you Niamh -bloody and delicious -that's a great description.
It was a lovely surprise to read your post just now and I love the pic!

Thank you Mel u !

mel u said...

My Review of Somewhere in Minnesota by Orfhlaith Foyle

Words A Day, I hope you do not mind me linking this here -I am now a follower of your blog

Old Kitty said...

Thanks for the link to this amazing story - certainly woke up my lazy Saturday blog cruising!

Take care

Donna Hole said...

Looks interesting. I'll check it out. Thanks.