Friday, August 5, 2011

An Exhibition Of Banned Books

An Exhibition Of Banned Books
This sounds like a really fascinating exhibition of watercolours by John Jones both for the questions it asks and for the cover art.

The Irish Censorship Board have issued no new banning restrictions on any novels released during 2010/11. So is there a need for a Censorship Board on books, or is it redundant? The exhibition features 100 banned novels by 100 authors from 1930 to present.

Libraires confirmed so far:

* Aug 2nd – 25th // Mountmellick Library/Gallery, Co. Laois.
* Oct 1st – 22nd // Leixlip Library/Gallery, Co. Kildare.
* Nov 1st – 15th // City Library HQ, Co. Cork.
* Nov 17th - 30th // County Library, Co. Cork
* Jan 10th – Feb 11th, 2012 // Abbeyleix Library, Co. Laois.

Censorship in Ireland
Books are prohibited if the Censorship of Publications Board considers them to be indecent or obscene.
Periodicals are prohibited if the Censorship of Publications Board considers them to be frequently or usually indecent or obscene.
Both books and periodicals may be prohibited if the Board considers that they advocate abortion. Periodicals may also be prohibited if the Board is of the opinion that they have given an unduly large proportion of space to matters relating to crime.

In practice, however, publications are usually only reported to the Board for obscenity.

If you are convicted of possessing prohibited publications, you may be liable for a fine of 63.49 euro or six months imprisonment. Be Warned!


Brigid said...

That's intersting, Niamh.
I must keep an eye on my local libraries.

Old Kitty said...

These books are banned in Ireland - to this day?!!?

Good grief!!!

Sounds like a fab exhibition though! Enjoy! Take care

Jan Morrison said...

yikes! I love all banned books...just have to. My favourite banned books are Catcher in the Rye and To Kill a Mockingbird - both which were banned off and on in North America.

Words A Day said...

For a second I thought you meant 'keep an eye' as a censorship vigilante:)

Old Kitty
No! Banned in the past, not that distant past though, I see a Jackie Collins in there...

Yes! Catcher was banned here must added to the reading experience knowing a book was 'banned'... there's nothing like forbidden fruit!

Theresa Milstein said...

I read The Color Purple, so I'd better watch out!

Knowing a book has been banned makes me way more interested to read it.

Niamh said...

Me too!On the other hand its infuriating to be treated like a child by a govt body, shades of mind control...

Sue J said...

I was expecting to see something really shocking, not the ones that are shown. Do they ever say which bits are too naughty for us to read? Gigi? I haven't read the book but I saw the film when I was young.
Do they think that if you don't read about things, they don't exist? The only one I can remember that caused a bit of a stir was Lady Chatterley's Lover.