Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A question?

A quickie -
Does anyone know publications that will accept 5,000 word short stories?
Everywhere seems to be 2,000 or 3,000...


Máire T. Robinson said...

Hi Niamh, yeah the word count thing is annoying, isn't it? There's some US-based publications that take longer stories. "One Story" allow up to 8,000 and with "Glimmer Train" it's 20,000(!) Also, the Fish short story competition has a limit of 5,000. I think it opens at the end of the summer. Happy submitting!


The Stinging Fly are open to longer lengths but only accept Jan. to March

120 Socks said...

You should ask this question through twitter!

Old Kitty said...


Hi!!! I think womagwriter (who is super duper helpful and has a ton of women's mags writerly resources on her blog) has an entry on 6 July about a new arty mag accepting stories.

GOOD LUCK!!! Take care

Words A Day said...

Thanks a million - will look up those publications, 20,000 thats some story:)

thanks, I didnt know that, about the sf...would love to get published in that, its a great magazine.

I will, if I can remember my password:)

Clarissa Draper said...

I don't. I'm sorry. But, it seems that some of your other commenters know.

Words A Day said...

old kitty
I'll check that blog out, thanks for the link:)