Saturday, December 4, 2010

International Put Your Poem In A Shop Month

It's International Put Your Poem In A Shop Month! So with kids and camera, I went to the nearest SuperValu and's amazing how furtive I felt!


Mind the snow
It's mushy
- the colour of
a rat's tushie

SuperValu Fruit n' Veg

SuperValu Notice Board

For Sale
Sentimental Heart
Going cheap
(good enough to eat)

Read more about "International put your poem in a shop month" and see the other poems over at Various Cushions Blog. Warning: I think it may be slightly addictive........


Niamh B said...

Great stuff Niamh!!!

Those strawberries look yum, and the poem is so perfect with them.

Love the notice board note as well, and the warning with the custard creams is not only fun, it's a very valuable public service!!

Emerging Writer said...

Fabulous! and inspiring (must go to shops)

Words A Day said...

Thanks Niamh and Kate! Its great fun!

AquaMarina said...

always good to take the kids with you when you're on a wacky mission.....! love the poems x

Kat Mortensen said...

Another Niamh B? And both so talented!

Love your poems! "rat's tushie" ha!


Words A Day said...

thanks and well spotted - the kids were a great distraction for onlookers as I photographed the custard creams!

Thankyou - the "rats tushie" jumped into my head as trudged through the slush to the shop!

Old Kitty said...

What a fun thing to do!! Well done!!! And what great poems - I love the noticeboard one though - got a big AWWWWWWWWWW! from me!!

Yay! take care

Brigid said...

Fantastic, Niamh, I love that idea.
Great poems 'rat's tushie'.
I love the middle poem especially and I would love if you had left a PO box no. for the last one, see what replies you get.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Well done special agent Niamh, good undercover work. Love the Sing sister poem!

chiccoreal said...

Dear Niamh: Wow this is so awesome, I love "found" art poetry and made up like a bunch of grocery lists and receipts. The poems have a very constructionist feel to them like Kurt Schweitzer's collage with twist of literary art! Love it! Tres beaux art and very creatively motivating reminding me to find ideas everywhere in the everyday!

Words A Day said...

Thanks Chiccoreal!
Kurt Schweitzer - I must look him up - I love collage work...

TotalFeckingEjet - thankyou, so glad you like that poem, am fond of it myself...yes, getting a taste for undercover work! Maybe I should change my name to N

Thats a good idea! or i could have left a pen and a little paper bag of paper squares for reply poems...

Old Kitty
Thanks for the Aaaw!

Emily said...

This is awesome!!! I really want to do this now. I like your poems. :)

Titus said...

Oh God, these are genius!

Words A Day said...

Hope you do, its fun!

I agree!:) Genius comment too!

Theresa Milstein said...

I've never come across poetry peeking out of good in stores. Brilliant!

Kim said...

I have just found your blog, Niamh. I love it! The put your poem in a shop is a wild and great idea...I would like to be a fly on the wall to see the reactions of people.

Kim said...

Such clever ideas brewing in your head from your commenters! Love the poems too!

mice_aliling said...

Wow. This is an awesome little notes for a random person to see. I would have gotten that one and pasted it in my art journal :)