Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Irish Writers Centre Workshops

I'm delighted to be back teaching in the Irish Writers Centre this Spring - I love teaching there - I first set foot in the Centre as an inaugural Novel Fair Winner, and ended up being published by Penguin Ireland as a result. That was The Herbalist, and my new book Her Kind (about the Kilkenny witchcraft trial) will also be published by Penguin Random House next April. I am teaching two courses, one runs over a few weeks, and is aimed at beginners, or those of you beginning again. The second reflects my interest in turning fact into fiction, as my two novels were both based on real life trials....   

Six Week Starter Kit
'This course is suitable for those new to writing, or interested in getting back to writing. Fun but focused, the core of this course will be weekly writing exercises. Through these, participants will create, and shape new fictions. These might grow into flash pieces, short stories, monologues, rants or chapters. Each writer will work towards completing their piece over the course of the six weeks. Basic character development, voice, point of view, story and setting will also be discussed.' 
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From Fact to Fiction (One Day)
Do you have a story you always wanted to tell? Something that really happened but you don't know how to handle the material? This workshop will explore how true stories can inspire a work of fiction. Participants will look at character, voice, setting, first draft, research, 'how much truth, how much fiction,' and revision. The course is suitable for both beginners and those who have been writing for a while. All you need is a pen and notebook.
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