Monday, November 10, 2014

Some Poems, some Harry Clarke...

Happy Monday :)

'I was Swallowed by a Harry Clarke Window' and other poems of mine have just been published on Poethead. The Harry Clarke poem was inspired by a particular window in Kieran's College, Kilkenny and literally written on the spot as I gawped in awe... The poem was originally three pages long  and I edited it down, and down, to a pretty short poem.You can check it out here.

Poethead is a great site run by poet Chris Murray, 
who also curates an index of Contemporary Irish Women Poets.

I love Harry Clarke's glass work, photos never ever ever do it justice. The panel above is a section from The Eve of Saint Agnes inspired by the Keats poem. It can be seen in the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin. He also illustrated Perraults Fairy tales, Faust, and Poe's tales....


OK, back to the writing dungeon.... :)

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