Monday, November 4, 2013

Reading in Mountmellick

 I'll be reading from my novel “The Herbalist” in Mountmellick Library,
Tuesday 5th November at 11am. All are welcome. I bags the orange chair :)


Old Kitty said...

Oh please dear angel Gabriel in heaven tell me those are NOT library chairs...! LOL!!

All the best with your reading!! Take care

Brian Kirk said...

You can have that chair Niamh! I don't think I could get back up out of it.

Jan Morrison said...

I would like to join in that huge human holder! But alas, alack, I am here in gorgeous downtown North West River. There is a library though. I'll get them a copy of your book! I know they'd love it.

Words A Day said...

Old Kitty
Ok they're not :)

I dont know if I could either, it'll be an adventure...

Oh do! Thanks Jan :)
btw Love the 'huge human holder'!