Monday, September 2, 2013

Let's Connect Art Exhibition

'Bitchy' by Niamh Boyce 2009
I'm honored to have three of my paintings included in an exhibition at the Dunamaise Arts Centre, Portlaoise, this month. The are Bitchy (above), The Handless Maiden and Bird Woman. I haven't painted for a while now and really miss it, but this event may inspire me to find the time. The exhibition is called Let's Connect and is curated by the artist Angela Delaney. 

It will be launched by Kathleen Lynch
this Thursday at 5pm
Everyone is welcome!

The theme of the exhibition is -  

'how visual art intersects and contributes to our health and well being. The show brings together national and international artists Brian Maguire, Niamh Boyce, Geraldine O' Reilly and Eilis Crean, alongside artists using Laois Mental Health Services, looking at some of the significant connections between art and mental health.'

Exhibition runs till September 30th at Dunamaise Arts Centre, Church St, Portlaoise.

Angela and myself will also be facilitating a writing/mark making workshop in response to the exhibition called Mark My Words on the Monday 30th Sept from 7-9 which should be a lot of fun and is open to anyone who enjoys words or art - so if you want to fill the well of inspiration or  free up your creative energy - you can book a place through the Dunamaise.


Liza said...

Ahh. An author and an artist. How wonderful.

Old Kitty said...

Is there no end to your talents!!?? WOW!!! You are amazing!! Take care

Emily said...

Definitely will try get to that. BEAUTIFUL painting! Have a great opening night :-)

Lydia said...

Your painting is amazing! I am so glad that this event came about to inspire you to paint again because you definitely have a gift.

Titus said...

So cool! Congratulations.

Peter Goulding said...

Christ, woman! A brilliant poet, a world-famous novelist and now an artist? And you're good-looking too??

Words A Day said...
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Words A Day said...

Gosh thanks everyone - ps hope you get to exhibition emily - its on for a month.

lol! I think youre channelling the spirit of my late grandmother Peter G ?:)


Congrats, Niamh! Beautiful painting. Loved The Moth interview today too.