Saturday, July 6, 2013

Irish Times Review

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I'm a very happy woman :) There's a wonderful review of The Herbalist in today's Irish Times. It's written by Anna Carey, and can be read here

Here's an extract:
'Boyce’s subject matter may be dark, and she treats it with the seriousness it deserves, but she writes with a lightness of touch not often seen in the genre; this is the most entertaining yet substantial historical novel I’ve read since Joseph O’Connor’s Star of the Sea. You may not expect a book about fear and repression to be not only enjoyable but funny; The Herbalist often is.'

This is a hugely impressive and wonderfully assured debut novel. I can’t wait to see what Boyce does next.


Liza said...

Wow, oh wow! Make a copy of that, frame it and mount it on the wall! Congratulations! What a wonderful review! Couldn't ask for better!

Louise said...

Fantastic and utterly deserved!! I meant to comment earlier when the IWC put a link up on facebook. I did a writing workshop today and spent a lot of it telling everyone what a wonderful book The Herbalistis!! xx Louise

AquaMarina said...

how satisfying and lovely! well done!

Mari G said...

Congrats Niamh on another fabulous review - surely the third one I've read at this stage? Well done.
'The Herbalist' sits on my shelf soon to be read & I look forward.


Fantastic, Niamh!

Words A Day said...

thanks every one! looking for that frame Liza:)