Thursday, July 4, 2013

Chug, Chug....

I had a lovely time visiting book shops in Kilkenny City today, so for anyone who wants signed copies of The Herbalist (I'm not an egomaniac honest - people have been enquiring after them!) they are now available from  Dubray Books, The Book Centre and Stone House Books.

Liz from Stonehouse Books asked me to come back to the shop to do 'something quirky' in the autumn, so it won't be your average book reading -  I'll keep you informed! I also met Kathleen there, and she's the second person I've been in touch with from Portland, Oregon who's reading The Herbalist! Its wonderful to meet readers, its not something I considered when I wrote the book, but its quickly become one the nicest parts of being a published author. And I'm grateful too, to the reviewers and readers who 'get' my book, and feel for the characters, and have put it at number five in the Irish bestseller charts, which is no mean feat when Dan Brown has returned to push us all around - no offence Dan :)

As The Herbalist blog tour comes to its last few stops, I'm delighted to be over at crime writer Louise Phillips Blog. I met Louise when she was working on the book that became the very successful Red Ribbons. She's about to publish her second novel The Dolls House which sounds chilling to say the least. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions, its nice to know that someone is reading!
One of Louise's questions was....

What is the most important thing you have learnt about your writing during the last twelve months?

You can read my answer and the full interview HERE

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