Monday, January 21, 2013

Irish Writers Centre Novel Fair Longlist!

collage, 08 by Niamh Boyce

Congrats to everyone!
(there were 300 entries this year)
Click the centres web for more details.


Novel Title

Geraldine Creed
Áine Tierney
The Bad Eater
Jamie O’Connell
The Creator of Beautiful Things
Sally O’Brien
Operation Liberace
Julianna O’Callaghan
Plain Boring
Mary Valle
The Body of Christine
Jennifer Cullen
The Bad Detective
Sharyn Hayden
Rosemarie Noone
Ruby Shoes
A.J. Burns
The Awakening
Ken Foxe
My Civil War
Berta De Burca
The Witch
Doreen Finn
My Buried Life
Eve Sandoval
Eleanor Reddy
Mark Nolan
Caroline Healy
Blood: Ties
Tracey Iceton
Green Dawn at St Enda’s
Siobhán Jones
The Fire
Jeremy Doogan
Horse Power – Danny Shortt in a Rusted World
Claire Coughlan
No Comets Seen
Susan Lanigan
White Feathers
Seán Mackel
The Bee Orchid
Laura McKenna
Mairéad Rooney
The Ironman
Andrea Carter
Whitewater Church
Marion Reynolds
A Soldier’s Wife
Madeline B. Moran
The Fall of a Sparrow
Betty Codd
Eleanor Grace
Donal Minihane
Cliona’s Wave
Kevin Doyle
Chasing The Tiger
Sinéad O’Hart

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maryhealybooks said...

A list of lucky people, lucky and talented!
Looking forward to reading The Herbalist Niamh.