Friday, November 16, 2012


A mid-career retrospective of the work of Alice Maher, one of Ireland’s most respected and influential artists, (and one of my favorites), is currently showing at IMMA.till 3 February 2013 at NCH, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2 Her work is amazing, bring a notebook, its sure to inspire! Here's what they are saying about the exhibition-

'The title Becoming, hints at some of the main preoccupations of the artist and the themes that will be explored in the exhibition.  A dress can be becoming or flattering; one’s behaviour can become you, as you act in an appropriate way within a social construct; but becoming also points at a point of transformation where something becomes something else, Maher’s work has always placed itself at this nexus, a point of metamorphosis where there is continuous flux as states shift and the familiar becomes otherworldly or unknown - where the inappropriate and the unacceptable are constantly called into play.  Maher’s work is itself in a state of continuous metamorphosis as her themes and interests have manifested themselves in differing states during the past twenty years.  Material transformation is evident as the artist has interrogated her subject through the use of painting, drawing, sculpture, video, and more recently digital technologies and new media.  Through constant change, reworking and examination, Maher uncovers evermore complex readings and meanings of the world around us.'

Cassandras Necklace

Bee Dress


Ankle Deep Woman

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