Thursday, March 31, 2011


All Done!

  • Synopsis - yes.

  • Cover letter - yes.

  • Full manuscript -yes.

  • Submission Chapters - yes.

  • SAE -yes.

  • Elbow, wrist and thumb strain - oh yes.

How strange "Yes" looks repeated like that!

For Literary Agents, the talented and generous Emerging Writer has a great post, she also has an excellent one on synopsis , she also has a poem in Poetry Ireland Review 103!

Rather than send a dozen off, for the moment I've decided on one agent. So off it goes...gently does it! Goodbye "Ghost Estate", and good luck!

I wouldn't have finished this novel without a deadline, or should I say without declaring my deadline to all and sundry (that's you blog reader!) Or the writers, Ronan, Helena and Brigid who kindly agreed to read the full manuscript. Or without Suzanne Power's encouragement way back at page one!

Thank you.


Theresa Milstein said...

YaY! Sending you good luck. I'm so happy for you, Niamh. I wish you the best.

120 Socks said...

Well done! You have worked hard and deserve all those 'yes's'. Not quite there yet myself, but I did finish the pitch letter today and tomorrow looks promising. Kinda a little jealous, but that's just human. Applause to you!!!!!

Brigid said...

Niamh, I am very excited for you, you are top of the class, pour yourself a glass of wine and sit down and relax.

I will send you my address via email, lots of luck to you!!

Words A Day said...

Thanks for the wishes...they are appreciated! This is where luck needs to play her part!

Thanks! You know yourself, everytime we think we're "done", we've only just begun! Good on your pitch letter, they're the toughest part, and the synopsis ( i hate them!), esp when you (meaning I) don't plot!

Wine is being poured! Splashed out on a ...wait for it...eight euro bottle! Thank you for reading the novel, hope you like it!

Old Kitty said...


Oh wow!!!

Yay for you!!!! Good luck - all the best - woooo-hooooo!! And Yay!!!!!!!!

I have ears, eyes, legs, arms, hair and everything thing else possible CROSSED for positive and exciting outcome!!! Yay!! take care

Emerging Writer said...

Did you remember to kiss the envelope? Fingers crossed

Words A Day said...

old kitty
thanks for all that crossing! It could be dangerous, & lucky!

Emerging Writer
That wasnt in your blogposts!
Ah no, of course I kissed it, it would be unprofessional not to!

Titus said...

Big Wow! and the very, very best of luck.

Michael Farry said...

Well done Niamh and good luck!

Jan Morrison said...

Niamh - oh yay! What an exciting post to read. I'm nearly there - yesterday I sent my manuscript to the person who's doing an intensive edit just to make sure...while she's having at it, I'm working on my query and etc...
then I'll do a post like you. I cannot wait. I wish you and your work all the best in the cosmic witchyness that I can call forth!
Jan Morrison

Anthony Duce said...


Reflections said...

Sending loads of good luck your way! Well done on the finish and submission.

Deborah said...

Good Luck, so exciting ... I'm sure they'll snatch it up! :o)

Geoff Moore said...

Well done Niamh!
It's a heck of an that I'm still working on...
Go Go Gadget Postman!!

Anonymous said...

Well done on meeting your deadline. Best of luck!


Bluestocking Mum said...

Everything crossed, Naimh, and I'm drinking a glass of cyber - wine with you.

Good to make your acquaintance and look forward to following your blog and writing progress.

warm wishes

Ann said...

YAY! YAY! and YAY! again. I am thrilled for you. I hope you plan to celebrate with a little bubbly! You deserve it.

Niamh B said...

good stuff Niamh!! Yes you can, and you did...
Hope it arrives back soon with good news for you, well done


Best of luck!! Exciting!!!

I read a great article by Suzanne Power in Prudence - she seems like a fab person. I look forward to reading her in the mag from now on.

Padhraig Nolan said...

Well done you - best of luck!

Máire T. Robinson said...

Just seen your post, Niamh. Massive congratulations! That is so exciting. Hope you hear good news back about it soon : )