Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Resoloutions

The Celtic new year was at Samhain on 31st October and probably the time when I should've written a New Year's Resolutions list; I was "in the mood" then whereas now, not so much...

Not at all. You see the thing about the writing...(now I know I'm definitely heading towards my years of twilight delight - I've started to refer to things as "the" - the Lidl, the writing, the drink, the old head... - it shall be henceforth known as the "the" of middle age. Not that I mind stepping into middle age...better than the alternative isn't it? Six foot under and everyone whispering that you were great to keep going as long as you did but you can't hear them because your ear drums are full of clay or alternatively you're celestially strung out on a higher plane...whatever's in store. No, I'm nurturing my grey and look forward to being the kind of old lady that no one would ever ask to keep an eye on their children. And no cats, no. And I'll not be wearing purple and eating as many sausages as I like... oh please, how liberating is that!? I'm sorry but I'd like a bit more anarchy with my arthritis than sausage meat.

...I've gone off point. New years resolutions, I feel a bit antagonistic towards this coming new year, not in a bad way, in a fairly good humoured way...(I think negative emotions get far too much bad press. What's so wrong with not being buzzy?) but yes, I suppose I might be channeling a touch of Eeyore!

For the last few years on every New Years Eve I've been ordering myself to -
complete x amount of hours writing, per day, per week / to finish x story by 30th of the month/ to finish the novel within another 6 weeks...but this year I'm giving myself a break . So...

In 2011
I will
  • not write any do to lists.
  • not have any writing goals
  • gorge on language and not be disciplined
What are your New Years Resolution!? Have an easy going 2011!


Brigid said...

You are right, Niamh.
I feel a bit tetchy about 2011 myself, not sure what I expect from it. You are so right about the list making, me too. Also look at the Magpie you wrote today, that is a great story line and it just evolved naturally.
By the way I have never seen the words anarchy and sausages in the same sentence before, that gave me a laugh.
Best of writing luck for 2011! Lets rip up the lists.

Words A Day said...

Best of luck to you too in 2011! May the ripping commence!

Niamh B said...

great stuff, enjoy the year off, d'ye know you'll probably end up doing alot more without all that pressure piling up on yourself

Words A Day said...

Thanks, and you know I might write more, perhaps thats what part of me is hoping for! (Its very confusing having a split personality! Never know which side of me knows best!)

Old Kitty said...

Oh you rebel!!! LOL!!

I think next year I shall take whatever surprises life throws at me and deal with them then. Oh and I may or may not make my own surprises for myself!

Take care

Words A Day said...

Old Kitty
enjoy the coming year and all those surprizes you'll be enjoying!

120 Socks said...

You just gave me a great reason for not coming up with any new year resolutions, bar one! I resolve to have no resolutions. Brilliant post, cheered me right up!

Words A Day said...

120 socks
Glad to hear that! Have a great resolution free 2011!

Kim said...

Love your post...right up my alley or way of 'old' thinking! If I feel I have to do make a list of things to do..I just won't do it. Do old ladies really eat sausages? hahaha WEll at least I don't color my hair so I'm with the group!

Anthony Duce said...

Too late… I’ve already written them down. I do like the writing above though. Wished I’d read you earlier.

Words A Day said...

Thanks! The sausages and purple were a reference to a poem called - "warning when I am old I shall wear purple,"( I've put in a link now if you want to check it out...)
Hope you have a great listfree 2011!

I really enjoy your life drawing and paintings!Glad you liked the post- good luck with your resolutions!

Jan Morrison said...

you are such a delightful writer. Especially in your diversional meanders. I love it! I can't be grumpy about 2011 because, just between you and me, 2010 sucked for me in many many ways. I gotta have something a bit more uplifting this year or...
I will join you in the not wearing purple, I might down some sausages but I won't make a thing of it - I like bacon better anyway - I will increase the amount of outloud downtown muttering that I do and I will suffer fools even less so than I do at present. How's that?

Words A Day said...

Hope 2011 is brilliant for you!
Outloud downtown mutterings is vonderbar A+ Activity!