Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Flea Circus is in Town!

The Flea Circus is at the Dunamaise Arts Centre, Portlaoise. "Come and visit the worlds smallest big top and see the greatest show on earth; feats of astonishing bravery and breathtaking beauty - acrobatics, trapeze, high wire and more - all performed by highly trained, teeny tiny fleas."
Booking Tickets E5.
I think this is gas. Hope I get to go today. It's the kind of thing that sparks the short story part of my mind!
"The Flea Circus Tragedy,"
"Menage a Trois at The Tivoli Flea Circus",
"The High Wire Murders,"
"Lola spills the beans on the seedy underbelly of circus life"
That sort of thing...I know, I've no sense!


Ann said...

That is too funny. Do you get a magnifying glass at the door? Or do you have to rely on commentary!

Old Kitty said...

If - WHEN - you do go, I demand pics!!! I want the Head Flea's autograph! :-)

But seriously - I hope you enjoy it.. do they give out free flea collars just in case..?

take care

Brigid said...

Hilarious, I demand a short story from it,please....

Jan Morrison said...

I adore everything about this. God. I have an artist friend who made a dust bunny circus. yes. it was magnificent.

Alexis said...

There is something about the flea circus! I would like to see what it inspires!;)

Theresa Milstein said...

I didn't know these really existed. You must report!

Words A Day said...

I'll report! Thats the nice part of blogging, there's always a reminder online of all the writing promises I've made myself!