Friday, June 11, 2010


We turn not older with years, but newer every day.
- Emily Dickinson

Thirty-nine today, one last year before forty, must compile that list! The things I want to have done before I'm forty. Don't feel thirty nine, I suspect I won't till I'm hitting eighty! Have a great weekend!


Brigid said...

Happy Birthday, Niamh.
I've a few years on you, you are only a young wan.
Have a lovely day today!
I only started my writing after I hit 40 a few years ago, so you are well ahead of me, Enjoy the weekend.

Old Kitty said...


Have a wonderful wonderful day!! I loved being 39 and let me tell you being 40 is EVEN BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your great day!

take care

Jan Morrison said...

Very Cheerful Birthday wishes to you! My oh my you are a spring chicken! I will be 59 on my next birthday (Dec. 21st). We're toying with edges, eh? I don't care how old I get - every year means less and less people can tell me what to do! I'm practising being one of those batty old ladies who mutter in the street. yep, I am.

Michael Farry said...

Thirty Nine? Never? I wish I was 39 again. Have a great birthday.

Words A Day said...

Thanks everyone!
the young wan/spring chicken!!!

Ann said...

HapHapHappy Birthday to you!!!! HapHapHappy Birthday to you!!! You're right I can't sing! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday weekend. Oh to be 39 again.

Orla Fay said...

Happy birthday, mine is next week! :)

Musings of a Mother said...

Happy Birthday to you. Hope you had a lovely day. I love that quote by the way - we should celebrate age in that way x

Theresa Milstein said...

Happy belated birthday! I remember my 39th birthday last year.... sigh.