Thursday, June 10, 2010

Albedo One

Two opportunities from the one publication, an international competition for short stories and submission guidelines for the magazine. I don't write SF, horror or fantasy but have read Albedo One Magazine and the stories are excellent. There are more guidelines on what kind of writing they're looking for on the website here. I've always loved Angela Carter's New Eve, I wonder is that considered fantasy? Robert Neilsone, co-editor of Albedo One has an interesting article on the Writing4All website entitled "Getting started in genre fiction - SF, fantasy & horror.
The Aeon Award 2010
This competition is open to writers from all countries and has a max word count of 8,000.
"The contest opens 1st January 2010, and runs for four rounds throughout the year. The submission deadline for the first round is March 31st, the second round June 30th, the third round September 30th and the final round November 30th. The final round is of two months duration, the rest of three months. Each round begins immediately after the end of the previous round (i.e. you may submit at any time from 1st Jan to 30th Nov).

At the end of each round, the best story submissions received within each round will be chosen by a panel of judges and shortlisted for the Award. The stories chosen for shortlisting in each round will be announced here on the Albedo One website ( shortly after the end of each round, as the contest proceeds. The shortlist and final results will also be printed in Albedo One magazine for all the world to see.

Shortly after Nov 30th 2010, the judges will choose the six highest-ranking stories from the shortlist. The top three winning stories will be chosen from these six stories.

Entry Fee 7 Euro
Grand Prize: €1000, Second Prize: €200,Third Prize: €100

Albedo One

"We are always looking for thoughtful, well written fiction. Our definition of what constitutes SF, horror and fantasy is extremely broad and we love to see material which pushes at the boundaries.

We will read all short story submissions, but our preferred length is between 2,500 and 8,000 words. Our response time is variable - mostly between two and four months.

Our address:

Albedo One
2 Post Road
Co. Dublin

A wonderful letter came in the post, my application for a residency in The Tyrone Guthrie Centre was successful. So in August, for one week, I'll be in Monaghan, just writing! I'm thrilled of course.

"The Tyrone Guthrie Centre is a residential workplace open to professional practictioners in all art forms. Artist residencies/retreats are for maximum periods of three months in the full board Big House and six months in the self catering Farmyard Cottages.
In a tranquil, beautiful setting amid the lakes and drumlins of County Monaghan everything is provided for, including delicious food. With the advice and encouragement of his family Sir Tyrone Guthrie bequeathed his family home and estate to the State with the proviso that it be used for the benefit of artists. It was an inspired decision and one that has positively reshaped the cultural landscape of Ireland forever.
‘The Big House’ as it is affectionately known, accommodates up to eleven residents and up to seven can stay in the self-catering cottages. Eight studio spaces are also available along with a performance/dance space opened in 2006.

"He gave what little wealth he had
To build a house for fools and mad
And showed by one satiric touch
No nation needed it so much."



Alesa Warcan said...

Thanks for the heads up about the Albedo one contest, and a hearty congratulations on your acceptance to the centre! Sounds like its going to be very interesting!

Brigid said...

Niamh, thanks for the info, I think I have a spare story or two floating around.
By the way, did you submit for the iYeats poetry comp, due date this week I think,
Lovely that you get your weeks writing, bliss.

Words A Day said...

Alesa, thanks for your congrats - i can't wait!

Brigid, will go look up that poetry comp, thanks! I know, bliss!

Old Kitty said...

Congratulations with your succesful residency application! Yay!!

And thanks for these comps - will check them out asap.

take care

Talli Roland said...

Thanks for the head up, and congratulations Niamh! :)

Words A Day said...

Old Kitty - thanks, yah! is exactly it!

Talli, thanks!

Theresa Milstein said...

I'll check out the contest. I don't write short stories, but I may be able to make a longer story into a shorter one. Or maybe I'll be inspired to write something new.

The residency sounds lovely. Congratulations!