Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mc Manus Awards Shortlist

Just a quick post, the shortlist is meant to be published on the 19th May* on the RTE website - thanks for the information to the comments page on Eimear Ryans blog, where Susan, (Joy of Writing) left a message. End of newsflash!


Brigid said...

Better get my acceptance speech ready - not !!
They probably have already informed the people on it, would you think ??

Words A Day said...

Probably, but...maybe just maybe...?!

No your right.

I'll have to get practising acceptance!

Brigid said...

niamh, you won of the french book guides, congrats, I saved that blog on my bloglist as I love book reviews,
well done, go and take a look,
I am not jealous at all,

Jan Morrison said...

Hi Niamh - nice blog - thanks for following me - I'm following you too - where are we going? Who's the leader here? Circles? Hey, nice hanging a ROUND with you. I'm smitten with Ireland. My first novel has a huge chunk of it set in Dublin and the Dingle. Didn't get to Galway yet as it starts with G and I only got as far as the D's. ;)
I'm just finishing up my wip - the first draft or as I like to call it 'a 90 thousand word outline'. snort.

Words A Day said...

Brgid, Thats great news! I havent won anything since the postman delivered my St Martin Statue! Have to get to Paris now!

Jan, thanks for your comments! Hope you make it to Z!

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