Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Creative Writing Course

This seems like a very interesting course - Jorg Andrees is one of the foremost exponents of the Michael Chekhov Method. Having initially trained in his native Germany as a film director he proceeded to train in the Michael Chekhov Method in New York. Subsequently he tutored and directed successfully worldwide employing the unique features of this most distinctive method. Joerg has taken the Chekhov Technique into many creative fields working with Singers, Musicians, Writers, Dancers and Performers as well as for other visual Artists. 

He will be teaching a week-long creative writing course in Croi Anu,  Moone, Co Kildare from Sunday 9th –Sat 15th Oct.  This master tutor in the Michael Chekhov technique, has adapted it for creative writing.  There are a maximum of 14 places on the course. 

To book and for further details email or call 0878381933.

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