Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Launch of Novel Fair 2016

The Irish Writers Centre are launching the 2016 Novel Fair tomorrow Thursday 16th of at 7.00pm in their centre in Dublin. It is a free event, but you need a ticket, which you can book by following this LINK

The launch will allow aspiring novelists to gain the inside track about how the Fair works. At the Fair twelve emerging writers will have the opportunity to bypass the slush pile and pitch directly to a selection of publishers and agents. The submissions period will open tomorrow, and remain open for six months. The Fair itself will be held in February 2016.

Here's what they have to say -
Former Novel Fair winner Niamh Boyce (The Herbalist) will share insights on this unique opportunity to connect with publishers and agents, and Dan Bolger, Commissioning Editor of New Island Books will reveal how the Fair benefits publishers through discovering new authors. A must for anyone who has ever dreamed of getting a novel published.


Jan Morrison said...

Obviously I can't go to a fair in Dublin (never mind it has happened already) but I'm curious as to how the twelve emerging writers are chosen. (12 dancing princesses just sprang to my mind!) Hope it went well and you have a good bunch to work with!

Words A Day said...

It went well thanks Jan, the princesses are chose by dragon queens with swinging cystal amulets :)

or all entries are read by three judges who whittle it down to twelve. And impossible task I'd imagine...

Hope your well, good to hear from you!