Friday, January 31, 2014

Roadside Fiction & Alternative Classics

Have you a story (500 to 2500 words) looking for a home? Well, Roadside Fiction is a realist literary magazine with 'a passion for the wild, outrageous, yet realistic story.' They publish an issue of short stories and photographs quarterly and are currently seeking submissions - 

They like -
modern, urgent, honest realism. Stories need to move. We’re not interested in reflection.Tell us instead about a wild night, the strange events in your life as an expat, that house party, travelling without knowing where you will sleep that night, in short madness.
Think Kerouac, Bukowski etc and you’ll be on the right track.

More details here 

And - this has cheered my cold and rainy Friday morning - Bleach House Books have included The Herbalist on their list of Alternative Classics, I'm particularly thrilled to be alongside Beloved, one of my favorite novels. There are some great reads on the list, you can check them out  HERE

I'm working away on a novel, back writing by hand, I know a lot of writers would think that's mad, as its so much slower, but its a part of the writing process I really enjoy and I'm not willing to sacrifice it for speed - especially as I write better, freer this way. There's something about the pc screen, that brings the editing part of my mind to the fore, and I don't want to edit until I have at least 100.000 words of a fat and free first draft, so many words to go before I'm home :)


Karen Jones Gowen said...

I always write my first drafts by hand. It's tedious but don't think I could do it otherwise. (The Herbalist is on my to-read list.)

Liza said...

Enjoy your writing. Sometimes I write by hand in a notebook. It does feel more connected to the words.

Louise said...

Well done Niamh and good luck with getting that first draft down. Best L

Jan Morrison said...

hey lovey! thanks for coming by my neglected (by me) site. Hope you are going deep and far with your writing. I'm in revision land still.the north rocks! (and bergs) said...

Congrats on your 'Alternative Classics' listing and well deserved - The Herbalist is a great read