Saturday, September 21, 2013

Radio Drama Writing Workshops


I really want to do this workshop. At only  €25 per person for a full weekend workshop, its an excellent opportunity to really learn the craft of radio drama, it covers radio script writing, performance, sound, recording... its hosted by the wonderful people at Sessions House Arts Centre in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny
They don't say what the class limit is, but I reckon at that price it will be booked up fairly quickly.

There are two dates are available -
5th/6th of October - 10-5pm  or 19th/20th of October - 10 -5pm

Radio Drama and Performance Workshop
'A radio play will be devised, developed, scripted and performed, specifically for and about The Sessions House Arts Centre, the old Court House and Gaol in Thomastown, Kilkenny. 

Incorporating the rich history of the building, participants will devise a short piece for radio which they will subsequently perform and record under the facilitation of playwright, Gillian Grattan. The workshop will explore the following; script writing, editing, acting, creating sound effects, character creation and development, microphone technique and the physicality of radio acting.'

  • Development of a story and plot which directly relates to Sessions House.
  • Devising and writing of the script or scripts.
  • Performance of the piece by participants for recording.
  • Sound effects which will be sourced by participants as the project will be recorded in the traditional style: ie: no computerised effects.
  • Music, an original piece to be devised by participants.
  • Recording the piece, in a professional studio setting
  • Performance of the piece to an audience in November at Session House.

For more information contact Mary 087 682 8904.

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