Monday, May 13, 2013

Ballymaloe Poetry Prize & other things

The Moth Magazine

Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize is organised by  The Moth Magazine and will be accepting entries from June 1st. The cash prizes are 10,000 euro, 2,000 euro and 1,000 euro. yes, that's right. 10,000 euro. Can you imagine? The details are here The summer issue of The Moth will be out soon. I'm delighted to have a poem called 'Petronella' included in this edition. As you can see from the image, its always a stunning production.  And if you are ever stuck for inspiration, I can recommend Magpie Tales for interesting weekly writing prompts.

I'm always interested in how other writers organise their writing time, so if anyone would like to feature in guest post or blog interview on that subject let me know in the comment section. I'm especially interested in 'multi form' writers, it can be challenging enough to prioritise writing in every day life, but how within that do you prioritise your novel, short stories and poetry? Which comes first?

At the moment, my novel comes first but when I hit a certain amount of words I treat myself to some time working on my current short story. I write poetry in a more random and sporadic way (ie when I should be doing other things!) Blogging (as you might have noticed!) comes last, at maybe one post a week. I would love to talk to other writers about how they portion out their brains, and how long they go before they start to feel dizzy :)


Old Kitty said...

These are great prizes for poetry - very generous!! Good luck to all entering! And yay for your poem too lovely Niamh!

I'm rubbish at organizing my writing time. I think I take care of all things online first - blogging, email, BBC news... LOL!! before I even think of anything concretely creative! Take care


Sure, Niamh, count me in. Email me some questions or whatever way you want to do it. Nuala x

Words A Day said...

Old Kitty,
the lucky bbc :)

Great, and thanks - I'll email you

Brian Kirk said...

Hi Niamh - I'd be happy to be answer questions too if you like - send em on! Getting near launch day now too!

Words A Day said...

Brilliant Brian, I'll get in touch :)