Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things To Do With Your Children This Summer...!

Schools out today! No more homework, uniforms, school lunches... eight weeks of freedom! Already I can hear that word, I'm bored...which leads me to -

Things To Do With Your Children This Summer...!

This is a good opportunity to teach them poker, do not waste it. Your little ones could be the next decade's international champions. Teach them about the psychology, how to read body language, interpret facial tics, it will stand them in good stead next September when they meet their new teacher.

Pitch your tent in the garden.

Get them into TV soaps, they'll never annoy you again, and they'll learn sooo much about life ( and plot lines)...& develop accents which will provide off screen entertainment for all the family... (you wot? I neva!)

Make a hole in the fence to the field behind your house and tell them never, ever, ever to go through it, if they're anything as obedient as mine - you won't see them for hours.

Give them chores. Those gutters are a disgrace. Life isn't one big holiday you know...

Give them to your friends and family.

Teach them jokes, especially knock knock jokes, you can never hear enough of those, and they will help your child in later years through those awkward silences in job interviews.

Daytrips. My motto is - When in doubt, get out of the house. There are buses, they go places, get on one with a pack of biscuits (and don't forget the children or maybe not...)

Give them a camcorder and help them script and record their own movie...or even soap opera, it'll last longer and they can learn all about cliff hangers, like the time that love rat...

Walk the feet off them.

Get them to start a blog - it will eat into their time no end...


Brigid said...

Great list, Niamh.
We'll meet you all at the end of the bus route, and bring biscuits.
The poker sounds great, I may train mine to be professionals so we can all head to the South of France for the next summer with their winnings.

Words A Day said...

Good idea, best start deciding their professional handles now,look forward to all the winnings too-
you can visit us in Paris in our boho chateaux

Michael Farry said...

Mystery tours was my standby. "Everyone into the car we're going on a mystery tour". The excitement is in the journey not the arrival. Doesn't matter where you end up.

happy alper said...

Forgot one: Teach them to mix a perfect Martini

Old Kitty said... off I go to get me some children!! They're having way too much fun for my liking!!! Yay! take care

Niamh B said...

must say, i was at a loss as to how to proceed with this parenting business, your advice couldn't have been issued at a better time

Words A Day said...

Niamh B
Your welcome! Anytime - I have loads and loads of wonderful advice.. i'm an old hand with even older hands, I'll probably get offered my own tv series taming toddlers now...ah well

Sue J said...

What wonderful advice. I see a handbook in the making!

Talli Roland said...

Haha! Now all I need is the children, and I'm all set. :)

120 Socks said...

Love the idea of giving them away to family and friends - LOL
My mothers tag line was - get out and get some fresh air - and we did!
Never learned poker as a child, and rubbish at it as an adult - a blind 100 year old could read my thoughts!