Friday, September 24, 2010

Willow Ball

Announcing my date for Willows Ball on the 30th ... the lovely, Robert Mitchum. It's been an on /off thing with us, you know how these love affairs of a life time and beyond go... love on one hand, hate on the other as the preacher said. Thought I'd let you know - just in case anyone had their eye on my cat fights ladies, this is an evening of bohemian gentility! Here's a pic of Mitch, I think he was fixing me a gin? Such a sweetie. Off to get that ball gown fitted! See you on the night! Have a great weekend!


Everyday Goddess said...

Sultry and slightly naughty, good choice.

Old Kitty said...

Oooh I hope he's not expected to cover up?!?! :-)

ENJOY your ball- sounds ever so grand and fabulous!

Take care

Words A Day said...

Everyday Goddess
Glad you approve!

Old Kitty
Well, maybe a bow tie? Will enjoy I'm sure, dont even have to pay for my virtual gown!

KarenG said...

Robert Mitchum?? Wow that is really a young picture of him. And I think I know the film too. Have fun at the wonderful ball and be home before midnight Cinderella!

Clarissa Draper said...

Sounds exciting and lots of fun. Enjoy yourself.


JW said...

Okay, I admit I have no clue what you are talking about.. lol... but I will catch on... ;) Thanks for the super nice comment on my post today, I much appreciate it. I talk about "doing my own thing" a lot lately because I am just finally allowing myself not to be swayed so much by other's opinions. It's so cool when you finally get it. lol Have a great weekend!! Janelle

Ann said...

You have a crush on Robert too! Honestly, I think we are going to have to have a chat about this.

Did you find that perfect dress for the ball???

Brigid said...

Great date, maybe he could organise a shirt or the ladies may be in need of smelling salts?
I only ever drink Mint Juleps at Balls, quite the thing for a lady or if they have none, maybe a pint of Harp?

Words A Day said...

Havent found the perfect dress yet, panic, panic! Who are you bringing?!

Harp!!oh mon dieu!

willow said... like the tough guys! That movie where he has love on one hand and hate on the other is SO scary!! He better not show up with those finger tattoos! It'll freak me out!

Clarissa Draper said...

Thanks for your comment on my poem. I really appreciate it. I don't write much poetry but that poem means a lot to me.


Amanda said...

love your date for the ball -- mitch is the personification of cool.

also love your blog - glad i visited, now off to have a look around --- btw thanks for visiting over at my place!

Amanda said...

p.s. i just became your 100th follower -- yay!!!

(do i get a prize or something?? hehe)