Monday, April 12, 2010

Fairytales by Charles Perrault

Just ordered Charles Perrrault's Fairytales, and look forward to its arrival. The illustrations by Gustave Dore are stunning, wonderfully un p.c.
I'm interested in exloring fairytales in my short story work, especially `Little Red Riding Hood`.

It's a shame fairytales have become so sanitised, they were brutal for good reason in their day, there were wolves in the woods. Some would say there are still wolves in the woods, just under a different guise.

I think fairytales still have a place. I read the original Grimm Tales to my children and they love them, more meat on the bone than in the disney versions!

Angela Carter's Bloody Chamber is a good read for adults though her prose is almost too rich to digest in one sitting.

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Anonymous said...

Love 'The Bloody Chamber' - especially 'The Tiger's Bride', which has a beautiful ending. I am also a sucker for that very 80s film 'The Company of Wolves', based on some of the stories.